ACAP Testimonials

“Overall, I believe ACAP is the perfect place where kids on the spectrum are accepted for exactly who they are and where they are, while at the same time, being gently pushed past their comfort zones to experience the next steps towards the growth they need to become more self-sufficient.”

"We would especially like to compliment your staff on the excellent support they provide for their campers with autism. The daily visual schedules, their ability to
adapt and work with our daughter’s communication system, and the staff’s overall enthusiasm for the campers and each other helped our daughter participate to her fullest potential. She is now visibly excited whenever she sees a Tri-Met bus
because of all the fun places she got to go with your program this summer."

“[Our child] had a wonderful summer, thanks to your program. You kept him plenty busy,
out of the house, away from his games and the computer
and on his feet, which he so desperately needs."

Contact us:

(503) 649-2066   /   /  1900 SE Milport Road,  Milwaukie, OR  97222



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